Time And Space…

I’m not going to get over you am I?
Silly question to ask, I know…but…still
There’s a lot of time but no space between us…
I linger on and on while you float around watching over me
At least I think you do, I feel you…so it must be true
What would you say to me today?
If you can see from the clouds so high above to where I stand
Always on shaky ground
Would you let me fall into your arms and weep?
Because that’s what I need to do…fall
Wrap your love around the way you used to?
Kiss my lips while holding my face in your hands,
Gently brush away my tears,
Promise me how everything will be ok?
Promise you will always be with me,
Then, I didn’t realize how you spoke in the abstract
How would this daydream of mine play out
If only I could mesh the two together…
Time and space…

© 2013 Trilby

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