I am not an open book – yet, I write on an emotional level, below the surface. Reveal and conceal, conceal and reveal without smoke and mirrors; high wire intensity and in layers.

My writing comes from my personal experiences; not with cathartic intent, but from a gut reaction to how life, past and present, taps into a sense of responsibility I feel to the magic of being able to string words together. Words that can conjure up images of peace, tranquility, love or stir the proverbial pot and send a message to “kiss off”.

DCEC8319-2A28-4469-8431-7BCE4B6F0737I truly believe that my foundation i.e. childhood, like the bricks in a wall are solid and it has taken years to break through and at the same time embrace. My life, my perspective flawed in its perfection; the day to day, the mundane, the pure joy and the tragic continue to contribute to my writing process.

Raised as a Roman Catholic without the horror or guilt. The bible was a story book. The cathedrals were beautiful settings with candle light and color that all added to my imagination aiding me in descriptive writing. “…close your eyes and write what you see…any alterations can wait until later…”

Family, friends, music, love, loss, current events and the political scene have all been an endless source of inspiration.

Obnoxiously proud to be a born and raised New Yorker. Currently I am a statistic – New Yorker transplanted to coastal Connecticut. Update: 2021 no longer a statistic! I now reside in…hang on…New Jersey! I know, I know, but it really is pretty cool here. A nine minute ferry ride across the Hudson River and I’m in the city!

As the fates have it I am moving back to Connecticut! Between Covid-19 pandemic and life events I’ve decided to move to the coast. A little beach town/island. The Atlantic Ocean via the Long Island Sound. Life can be fleeting and happiness is key. It’s time to surround myself in an ocean breeze, sound of seagulls and the rise and fall of the tide. Salute to my next chapter!

Education: Attended a Jesuit university in the northeast studied Sociology and Psychology (BA).