Sentimental Shift 

the air around the soundsweet melody carried away gentle hands, the heart held is an achea memory bend - slant notes played with tender intentthat move the soul...upward emotions rise and feelings flowfrom here to there a reflective tap… fingers slide instinctively across stingsplaying the heart’s song silence in the unspoken perfection is an echo …

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Slow Dance

We were a slow dance; a block party smooth the sound of Rosie and The Originals - floatsabove "Angel baby, my angel baby; whoo hoo I love you, whoo hoo I do..." in-sync two step - glide. © 2022 TrilbyYates All rights Reserved.

Love Island

Wind blows across ocean The Atlantic roars Carrying a scent Of salt and recovery Sand beneath my feet, Your hand in mine As we walk the shoreline Finding seashells, An array of color - texture Sea glass; green, blue, Yellow, opaque white Placed in a jar to hold Our newly made memories Heart filled keepsakes …

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Valentine I Know

Vignettes strung together precious pearls of delight gently rest close to the heart filling in the quiet spaces with wisdom and while the smoke rises from distant passions and fire my dreams will never fade… memories unfold gingerly pages of cherished love letters tender stories are told a silent witness to one more sunset recall …

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