Yes, I let you hold my hand
and I held yours…
– acknowledging a perfect fit
Yes, I let you look into my eyes
I curiously looked into yours…
– I didn’t blink or turn away
letting you past the walls of protection
Yes, I let you pull me close to you;
wrap your arms around me
and kiss me passionately
Yes, I reciprocated without hesitation
Yes, a warm wind blew
time stood still
– and yes my heart raced
Yes, I was intrigued, flattered
and slightly bewildered
Yes, all your words rang true
– and yes I am attracted to you
Yes, I have thought about you since
Yes, I have dreams about you
…the moment you leaned in
and took my breath away
…welcoming you with delight
Yes, I have wondered
what it would have been like…
if we had spent the night together
…if only, if only
Yes, I smile at the thought
of our stolen moment
Yes, it seemed you found
what I thought I had lost
– and genuinely returned it
Yes, we connected
Yes, I have no regrets

You might ask me why – my simple reply
“I let you into my head but not my heart darlin…”
And yes I would do it again…

© 2016 TrilbyYates


I Live With No Regrets

Wishful thinking
a few Hail Mary’s
and an Act Of Contrition
thrown in for good luck
– keeps me honest
when I spend to much
time alone…
Once you asked
if I was raised
as a Catholic girl
Big Apple shines bright
in beautiful Italian brown eyes
you said
All I could see
were emerald shades
of green in yours
reflecting in retrospect
is like looking
beyond the mirror
Undeniable passion
while sparks flew
and we strolled along
The River Seine
Your hands soft and electric
reached inside my chest
grabbed a hold of my heart
as if there would be no tomorrow –
(took my breath away)
future pending –
– and there wasn’t …

But, the question remains,
asked to often
out of focus
a balancing act
high wire stress factor
cliff hanger –
Would we have taken that walk
if we had known?

The light flickered –
then went out –

I think, yes…I live with no regrets

© 2016 TrilbyYates