I Will Walk Over A Bridge

I will walk over a bridge,
a bridge –
walk over a bridge historically symbolic
I will walk over a bridge
with mothers, sisters, daughters, fathers, brothers and sons
Connected by our difference and commonality

The raven will fly high above
black wing span casting a luminous shadow
the unknown
the other side
what to expect
anticipation is an angst; a suicide knot
unless faith in my path can raise me up
– and I trust that it will

I will feel the flutter
of Angel’s wings from the past
Angel’s wings will brush against my cheek
familiar and comforting
and I will push forward
I will let fear dissipate into the wind

I will hear your words
I will see your anger
I will feel your heart beat – keeping true to my own rhythm
A split second decision – finger on the trigger
An unfortunate shift in the tide
– my destination will remain the same

My only question –

Will you ever look up at me through the eyes of your God,
instead of down the barrel or through the eye of your gun … click

© 2016 TrilbyYates

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