Chasing Rainbows And Butterflies

A life time spent chasing rainbows and butterflies
a day late and something short
cherry blossoms are in bloom
and they say the air is fresher south of the Jersey shoreline
where life never hits below the belt
and love floats in a pool
of wide eyed innocence
no matter how time passes you by…
but my heart hangs in the balance
with a New York city beat
even though there is no place I call home
without the ties that bind
blood isn’t always thicker than water
and the roots of my youth never took hold
with the presence of an old soul
– by invitation only
yet I never had the slightest inkling to reply
a pattern following me like a loyal playmate, a lover or friend
a formality I could not honestly hold
time carries the key to more fly-by adventures and uncertainty
and love continues to flutters about; a clearer vision
kept at arms length…someday, yes someday you will be mine ~

© 2016 Trilby Yates