Day-Break Ride

…too often
in the solitude
of when all
is said and done
after the passions
have been met
when the dead
of night
begins its decline
and the morning light
starts to rise
there is an emptiness
that comes
over me
taking me
by surprise
in the before
day-break ride
heading home
when angst
begins to question
…is this intimacy
or just the way
we find
a few hours
of separation
from our day
to day grind
to keep the demons
at bay
– and maybe
I’ve come
to a split
in the road
or to a path
I have never
reflective logic
vacancy opens
a sense of
pure weakness
nothing stronger
leaving me
feeling empty
and wishing
maybe I should
have stayed
a little longer…

© 2016 TrilbyYates