The Edge

Cafe Dark Nights 
For the sleek and slender
Of mind and heart
The scent of cappuccino
And espresso brewing
Poured seductively
Into delicate imported
Fine China cups
Intellectual chatter floats
As light as a feather
From table to candle lit table
With a Beatnik snap
Of the fingers – an antiquated signal
Of artistic approval
Long pause and a deep sigh
Your body brushes past
My emotionally charged senses
And a mental note is made
The mind surrenders
To a fantasy land 
Of black seamed silk stockings
And hard passionate kisses
A scene from Cabaret  
We make the best
Of last chances – one more time
As provocative poetry is read
The spoken word brings life
And added ambiance to the candle light
Burning your eyes into mine
Your hand belongs in mine
Such a perfect fit
Like a Gucci glove that costs – too much
But we have been willing – to spend
What we don’t have
What we can’t afford
With hope and optimism
The next step is casually mentioned
Never seeing the light of day
Because we both know
The high price of living
So close – to the edge

© 2016 TrilbyYates