Slap Shtick With A Twist

Hey life what’s the deal,
what’s the grand plan
scheme of things to come and go
screaming from the top of my lungs
already full from the up swing of 2011
flying high on the 52nd floor
sky scraper clawing its way
from Hades to Paradise
and it’s never the same kid rush
sliding down the family banister
the thrill is half way between here and there
and nowhere
but it doesn’t matter too much as the saying flows
when everything rocks and nothing rolls
it’s not the destination it’s the journey
I’d have to beg to differ
when the options are between
a soft spot and a hard place
a toss of the dice or a flip of a coin
heads you win tails I lose
Heaven Hell or Infinity
with a slap of the shtick and a twist of fate
I’m hiding from the infernal flames
with one more puff of the witches bliss
and I’ll be on my merry way
welcoming in a new year…2012

© 2012 Trilby Yates