Wise Ass Kid

Those days
When thoughts
Swirled around
In my mind
Creating an energy
Cause and effect
Suddenly out of thin air
A call or note
Song from the past
A nudge from
Turbulent times
A cosmic force connects
A reminder tap tap
You can never go back
Although I lean on the belief
Nothing is set in stone
Except birth and death
Those sweet innocent days
Are few and far between
So be careful who you
Day dream about
Strangers appear
In familiar garb
Time passes snap
– and mindful images
Never seem to fade
Wishful thinking
Is an independent luxury
Like a journey to an exotic
Far away unknown land
Scrolling through photographs
and tag lines eyes blur to focus
Wondering playfully – pause
What’s going to happen next
The wheels turn slower
and the clock ticks louder
Adjusting the bar downward
Dragging realistic wants and needs
Lacking subtle expectations
To an abrupt unexpected halt
Gears jam and all I can do
Is scream profanities into a void
Pathetic reminiscent childlike questions
and obscene childlike gestures
Blurted out with no rational
Like a wise ass kid hanging
On any city street corner
In any city in the world
Unique – not unto its own
Self absorbed truth seeker
Asking why always why
As if expecting some profound
Heavenly answer to fall peacefully
Settling at my feet
Like a feather from the nest
Pride is a virtue
Ego is a vice
I continuously stumble around
Exhausted from the battle
My internal war rages on …

© 2016 TrilbyYates