Mr. Who Knows Who

All that crazy anticipation
build up and worry
as if yesterday
was a blank page
And all the steps taken
have somehow
been washed away
like footsteps in the sand – how cliche!
I remember laughing
about all those old sayings
one night during a brief love affair
he filled my glass of wine up
for the 3rd time
smiling with such intent
saying, “Man, who are they trying to kid!
…rather have loved and lost
than to have never loved at all –
or, something like, if you set it free
and it doesn’t come back
it was never yours to begin with…”
Man what a kick
Man what a time
for jokes and one liners
from men like Henny Youngman,
“I’ve been in love with the same woman
for forty-one years
if my wife finds out she’ll kill me…”
The corners of my mouth
turn up and I laugh –
so politically incorrect…yea no kidding man!
Even between all the laughter
and long talks – we faded
off in different directions
but that wasn’t a news flash
we both knew from day one
nothing was going to come
of what ever this was or wasn’t
just passing time
drinking wine
making love and laughing –
sometimes we would
slow dance in the living room,
…candles flickering
sexy shadows on the walls…
to some off the grid
blues tune…
At the time everything was perfection
in its own light –
but, it was those long drives home
late at night
that set me free
And now…I find myself
walking to a bar in Brooklyn
to meet Mr. Who Knows Who
and for just a moment
there is this rush
the feeling of soft warm hands
occasionally touching mine –
We laugh and talk
as he fills up my glass
of wine
for the 3rd time…

© 2016 TrilbyYates