If I say words soft and gentle, harsh or vulgar, hold my child close to my breast or have none by choice; if I walk in high heels or barefoot, juggling life and love, work; either way it is all perception depending on which way you hold the prism rainbow glare magnifying all that is accomplished, all that has been denied; you will never have to look far to find me

Worldwide, non-cultural male female lifetime battle, shining star reaching full potential no matter what path is chosen; caregiver, entrepreneur, leading role, gender ID bender; my hand in yours, yours in mine, equally looking out beyond the only horizon, circular in perfection, architecturally devine and endless; the surface not flat created with intention, created so I can stand next to you…you stand next to me

“…she looks like an angel, soft skin and gentle eyes. I will clip her wings and make her mine, for a lifetime…a lifetime…”

© TrilbyYates 2016