Into The Blue

Sun down, moon rise; sleep comes with a price
And as I drift off reluctantly; I am captivated
Imagery shifts black and white to color
Shadows and night-life illuminate as candles glow
Sweet music shifts and shuffles with ease
I move from my comfort zone cautiously;
…Even dreams can not escape morals or shame
We slip away for a moment as if yesterday
Were a tangible sequence in our dance – all have been forgiven
Years have gone by, a harsh but truthful reality
– that never seems to dissipate
And can only be interrupted by chance
– or a blessing from above
A memory. An image. A breeze that carries a sense of you
And unlike an annoyance it cannot be brushed away
I am submerged in a dream state and happiness washes over me
We step forward. I can feel your touch, see your eyes
Your embrace sets me free. A kiss…is worth more words than I hold
And while we surrender to this imaginary space –
…as in any dream-scape the scene shifts
I find myself across the way and angst fills my chest
Here and there, chatting with him and her;
– waiting and watching…pulse rises as fear becomes my twin
Making my way I press through the crowd – greetings and smiles;
– a familiar face, strangers and friends

Peering from the 2nd floor I wonder what winter is like in Tribeca

As I weave in and out of rooms and hallways; nods of recognition
– you disappear from my view
I can feel my heart racing…I can’t lose you, I cannot lose you…not again
Standing on the porch, magically night turns to day
Staring out into the blue, I am helpless
A weakness consumes me and just as I’m almost engulfed
With the pain of a splitting heart being torn in two
I feel a hand gently touch my shoulder
As I turn…it is you
You wrap your arms around me; tears fall, I can barely utter
…I couldn’t find you, I thought you were gone
Your words like a lover’s song touches a secret part of me
Once again a warm breeze and the wings of angels flutter

“I never left you…”

©2018 TrilbyYates