Off The Grid

Off the grid hanging on by a mere thread
And what goes around comes around
Full circle makes my head spin – takes my breath away
When the past rears its angelic head
Emotions tap dance with absentee partners
Now and then all the best intentions
Turn from blue skies to a storm brewing
I heard the wind, I felt the tide, I sensed the shift
From resolve, hope, to unexpected dread
Thirteen years for me turned into a solitary lifestyle
And quarantine became my norm – while you so new to the game
A two year loss of love and life I recognized your struggle
Off in the distance a lone dancer twirls in the shadows
And floats high above an empty nest that has become
My private comfort zone; has become my home once more
As we slip into the abyss and fade away the emptiness
Of night, a cold blanket of regret covers us
When the heart is not ready to open and the winds won’t turn the tide
Talk becomes a slow walk and the silence is a fill-in for screams…

©2021 TrilbyYates