Tattoo To The Heart

Zip ties, dead bolt locked up tight
Cardboard boxes, wrapping paper and tape
Piles of questions and lost hopes – reflection, reflection
Hindsight is a pathway to
If only,  what if
I should have, could have,
Why didn’t I?
Am I a reluctant recipient?
Widow Of The Harbor – forever more?
Walking alone because time
Is frozen in this moment
Time is a short coming when we depend on it;
When we breathe it in too deeply
Oxygen to only exhale; the willow bends
I’m covered in doubt and concern
– who have I become?
Why didn’t I see the storm,
Or feel a turbulent wind?
Maybe I didn’t want to?
Maybe I can talk a good game
But can’t hold a candle to the saints
And sinners that have come to be
Worshiped and honored
Reluctant to curse god or goddess
Ownership of a travesty
A short twist in the chosen path
Is a must if I am ever get to a place
Of peaceful forgiveness
A tattoo to the heart, the past, the page
Permanent never forget – never forget
White gold and blue stone placed
Gently in a dark fragile case
Words of regret float
Images appear on the ceiling
Right above my bed;
And a song is simmering in the kitchen
As if a reminder is needed –  the melody is not forever lost…

©2021 TrilbyYates