Women’s March 2017

Red white and blue
Shimmering lights flash
Sound blaring local news
International twist
Internal grind gnawing away
At our sense of humanity
We may have lost the battle
– but we have not lost the war
There is always time to shift gears
Focus on and revise the plan
From head to heart
And heart to soul
Keeping me human rather than
An outraged lioness
I sometimes feel I have become
Transforming my feathered Angel wings
I am a dove with a peaceful message
Gently floating never too high above
A hawkish victor tempered wing span
That casts a dangerous shadow
Splash of red upon the wall
All we ask for is equality
Peace and love for all
But if you walk away without relief
Or hang your head in disbelief
Than take my hand and walk with me
…you will never be alone…

©2021 TrilbyYates