Late Night Text

I took a ride blood red coat with slick black racing stripes
Oh dear MC you have loved me unconditionally
Moon roof open so I can breathe so I can feel the wind
I can hear the tide shifting gears ocean wide – grind
Crystal-like there are no twin snow flakes
They fall with a unique tempo their own drummer
The sounds move me a sense of holier than thou
Blanketed in something other than my usual
Combative spar of what can be comfort or torment
A fine line between love and hate pain and pleasure
Where are you love screaming into the darkness
Ungrateful unforgiving sense of emptiness fills me
Who am I to ask when I don’t or can’t recognize you
Tears fall emotions rise the high is mind boggling

And then there you go again texting me late at night
I stare at your words for a long time contemplating
Corners of my mouth begin to turn up – traitor
What the fuck…I throw my phone out the window

Circle back…saboteur!

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