Love Noose

Fraunces Tavern drinks and chatter
atmosphere is a high rush of almost normal
two year pandemic restrictions loosening
masks on or off ID and vaxx card
we share stories and laughs
she said I remind her of Patti Smith
my ego leaped out of my chest
into the atmosphere starry Manhattan night
cell phone vibrates text messages
updates the temptation the hook the rendezvous
The Dead Poet your place or mine
missed the ferry take an Uber
how late is too late
I smile at the thought months of hit and miss
– oxymoron?
A glass of Pinot Grigio pop a Xanax
who knows how the night will end
444 another predictable bend
tick tock withering hands of the clock
sweet dreams love
shoots across the river
reply you too love
my heart worn around my neck
a self inflicted a noose

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