Strawberry Fields

We didn’t meet face to face – abstract concept view the crew
Two years plus; lock down shut-in(s) remote couch comfy job
Jerry-rigged home offices mismatched and leaning to the left
Several times a day we communicate via Zoom
We’d chat trivia, analyze data – the ups and downs
The consents, the positives and negatives. Stats
The children. The families. POC’s, RCOV’s, DOE
– code initialism not to be confused with an acronym.
Morale is key. Karaoke Wednesday. Pajama day. Hat day
…Giving thanks Friday.
New York City never sleeps; our team can testify to that
We shift, adjust. Change, go with the flow…deep breath hold
The glory, the burden hand in hand – white knuckling it at times
Dedication held us together, a commonality, a goal, one mindset
A thread. Seamlessly sewing together jagged pieces – moral fabric
Harlem, Brooklyn, Queens, Bed-Stuy, Upstate, New Jersey, D.C.
– Chicago to Texas. We – a selfless quilt of dedication
Well aware of the importance; of what we were a part of
Motto: We are all in this together – Like it or not.
Once in a lifetime. The past and future collide
A global pandemic. A political hot potato. A spin of the wheel.
Isolation. Quarantine. Wear a mask. Get tested.
Stay six feet apart. Wash your hands 20 seconds
A life shift. A death shift. Get vaccinated. Get boosted.
A hoax. Fake news. Left. Right. Propaganda
The death count continued to rise
Death toll, 1.05 million…again
One million five loved ones gone
Death is not an alternative fact
Say it when you doubt the reality
When your heart thinks otherwise
Say their names and remember them
…Say their names
My team mates meet up – almost post
We all know it’s never truly going away
We keep masks in our backpacks just in case
Yahtzee in Strawberry Fields
Roll of the dice six on six
Checkers red kings and black kings
We call it a draw, no winner or losers
We share a vibe of unity and pride
There’s a chance of rain
Pizza delivery in the park
Stories told. Laughs and tears
Words are an emotional knot.
Photos speak loudly – volumes
Photos hold memories – comradery
We are the NYC H&H Covid-19 Test and Trace Team

© 2022 TrilbyYates All rights Reserved.

Dedicated to my nephew Donald Adams.