Yes, I let you hold my hand
and I held yours…
– acknowledging a perfect fit
Yes, I let you look into my eyes
I curiously looked into yours…
– I didn’t blink or turn away
letting you past the walls of protection
Yes, I let you pull me close to you;
wrap your arms around me
and kiss me passionately
Yes, I reciprocated without hesitation
Yes, a warm wind blew
time stood still
– and yes my heart raced
Yes, I was intrigued, flattered
and slightly bewildered
Yes, all your words rang true
– and yes I am attracted to you
Yes, I have thought about you since
Yes, I have dreams about you
…the moment you leaned in
and took my breath away
…welcoming you with delight
Yes, I have wondered
what it would have been like…
if we had spent the night together
…if only, if only
Yes, I smile at the thought
of our stolen moment
Yes, it seemed you found
what I thought I had lost
– and genuinely returned it
Yes, we connected
Yes, I have no regrets

You might ask me why – my simple reply
“I let you into my head but not my heart darlin…”
And yes I would do it again…

© 2016 TrilbyYates


So Many Places We Can Go

Change always comes
and I spend my summers
flying high without a care
I have to
or I wouldn’t survive
so now with a clean slate
baby you look
like someone
I used to know
I used to know
I need to know
and even though
every thought
is black and blue
shaded colors like a bruise
the center of the universe
holds more for us
it holds more for us –
Lovers come and lovers go
but when they dare reach
deep inside and don’t hesitate,
when they feel that bounce back
reflection mirrored image
black and blue
the center of the universe,
the core of the universe
between me and maybe you…
we have to know
It’s worth even those moments
all those moments
when we are on our knees;
bloody sweat soaked t-shirt
tells another story,
wrapped tightly
around the main source
of heartache –
Come on it’s an apocalypse,
it’s that slippery slope
we’ve come to know
it’s that slippery slope
we’ve been warned about
Put your arms around me,
and hold me close
close your eyes
kiss me deeper
than we bury our dead,
kiss me until
you reveal your soul –
steal mine if you like
it’s yours to own
Put your arms around me,
and hold me close
close your eyes,
close your eyes
there are so many places we can go
there are so many places we can go…

© 2016 TrilbyYates

Sway Of The Dance

Red wine sipped through lips
painted shades of frost and crimson
…dark eyes look away –  a seductive glance
meant only for you and
when the night tumbles around us
while stars shoot across the sky
there will be a time when your hands embrace the moment
and hold its place with mine…

That first kiss speaks volumes
a prelude to what could be
…if we want it badly enough
please don’t take for granted
that my affection will remain open to you
I could hold out for a lifetime to get it right
what we dream, what we have lost
keep the heart beating…setting the soul free

Dare I caress the sway of the dance – again?

© 2016 TrilbyYates

Red Balloon

A fine line between what is said
and what is meant
when passion hides
behind well wishes and glances
on the other side of friendship
and no one knows better
than Madame Bovary
if love will come or
love will go
the extra mile or
fade off into a slow burn
sun rises and sets
with each lie that innocently
drips from lips of gold
like spilt wine from high end crystal
visions of happily ever after
play out in the perfection of a Truffaut flick
and optimism is a red balloon
that is chased after and never caught…

unobtainable high…

© 2015 TrilbyYates

My Heart Doesn’t Sing

On any given day
or any given moment
fly by night
whimsical stargazing
sense of well-being
gently slips away
without resistance
without pause for concern
Getting clear
of a suffocating fog
surround sound droning – endlessly
a long drawn out daze
blowing smoke in the face
of a higher power  – father, son and holy spirit
Throwing all caution
into the wind
the consequences
yet to be known – blow back is a bitch
and caring is less
than a fleeting thought
My mind can be found
skipping through fields
daisy chains slipping away
finger tips filter
sunny perceptions
wind chime vibrations
and my heart…
it doesn’t sing the way
it once did
And how can it be
that I can feel you
kissing me while I sleep
– it’s only a memory – short whispered words
a tactical sensation
a long ago
once upon a time
split second fleeting
sweet vignette playing
over and over…
over and over…shuffle replay

© 2016 TrilbyYates

Power Of Love

A bit of nostalgia
floats through the air
a chill from the west side of Long Island
it blows across the Sound
in a whisper
a tiny voice
fingers to lips, hush
steel guitar serenading
is like a gentle touch
to a tattered heart
a mellow reminder
that fairy tales never fade
and time makes room
for the next chapter
of a very long story
sand and shells
music and memories
your kiss – a soothing testament
to the powers of love…

© 2016 TrilbyYates