My Heart Doesn’t Sing

On any given day
or any given moment
fly by night
whimsical stargazing
sense of well-being
gently slips away
without resistance
without pause for concern
Getting clear
of a suffocating fog
surround sound droning – endlessly
a long drawn out daze
blowing smoke in the face
of a higher power  – father, son and holy spirit
Throwing all caution
into the wind
the consequences
yet to be known – blow back is a bitch
and caring is less
than a fleeting thought
My mind can be found
skipping through fields
daisy chains slipping away
finger tips filter
sunny perceptions
wind chime vibrations
and my heart…
it doesn’t sing the way
it once did
And how can it be
that I can feel you
kissing me while I sleep
– it’s only a memory – short whispered words
a tactical sensation
a long ago
once upon a time
split second fleeting
sweet vignette playing
over and over…
over and over…shuffle replay

© 2016 TrilbyYates