Longing Or Not

Standing on a jetty, tide is beginning to kick up And just when a ray, a sliver of light begins to seep Between night fall and and the sun rising Dark clouds begin to part...hope does floatI'm engulfed in what could be...loveWhat I dream about; conjured memory recall But yet here I stand not truly …

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Possibility Of Love

Rain falls warm spring late night Street lights glistensWalking the avenue Pass a favorite rendezvous Grab a corner table outside A few minutes here or there Reaching across the tableTouching your face Flash back to when I believed ...in the possibility of love © 2022 TrilbyYates All rights Reserved.


Flickering flash light sparkling florescent glitter weaving shadowy reflections and sounds vibrating  - Imagine: tiny poetic dancers movements fluttering on stucco walls texture rubs the senses with twirling drips of a grand illusion fan fare and flags waving... with no peaceful conclusion - Yet the heart continues to pose question after question without clarity - the …

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