Love Of My Life

Engulfed in images and memories;
times we shared – and there were so many
Years of our hit and miss love affair;
joy, tears, love and passion – confusion
…And I did love you –
maybe I still do on some empirical plane
Summer lovers east coast sand and sea,
with streets of Paris as a backdrop;
always lingering hovering above
Months, years pass, a thought like a message shot into the cosmos
A vibration, a connection remaining regardless;
of distance, time or circumstances
Yours or mine, as if written in the stars
– preordained by a higher power
We would come together;
glide, soar, intoxicating…ultimately to our demise
And now as if the universe has stepped in once again;
our energies cross paths – a state of our destination
When I look at him, golden and proud;
a reflection of you reaches deep into my chest, I close my eyes and feel
Sometimes a smile or a tear;
unknown reasons, emotions high and I remember you as if…
Yet in a moment, our path was chosen;
good, bad or heartbreaking

There was a time you were the love of my life…I still linger

© 2021 TrilbyYates