I Live With No Regrets

Wishful thinking
a few Hail Mary’s
and an Act Of Contrition
thrown in for good luck
– keeps me honest
when I spend to much
time alone…
Once you asked
if I was raised
as a Catholic girl
Big Apple shines bright
in beautiful Italian brown eyes
you said
All I could see
were emerald shades
of green in yours
reflecting in retrospect
is like looking
beyond the mirror
Undeniable passion
while sparks flew
and we strolled along
The River Seine
Your hands soft and electric
reached inside my chest
grabbed a hold of my heart
as if there would be no tomorrow –
(took my breath away)
future pending –
– and there wasn’t …

But, the question remains,
asked to often
out of focus
a balancing act
high wire stress factor
cliff hanger –
Would we have taken that walk
if we had known?

The light flickered –
then went out –

I think, yes…I live with no regrets

© 2016 TrilbyYates


Mind Bending

“Darlin you have the voice of an angel…”
eyes twinkle with starlight and words so smooth,
so very smooth
they cause pause and reflection
that only the holy
and anointed
dare stare without hesitation
and in a divine moment,
a split second,
a NY minute counted backwards is short changed,
slipped his hand into mine
stole a single thread of golden light
that circled around my naiveté
angel wings plucked
from high above
leaving minuscule reflections
of tiny glistening pieces –

…no regret.

© 2016 Trilby Yates

Over And Over Again

Sometimes it’s a word or a subtle glance that sends the energies flying in search for another chance of what could be or left behind when the wind shifts and the spirits chime…

Over and over again
we play
over and over again
we pray
to feel the right heart
and hold the right hand

Fargo North Dakota not a place I’ve ever been, I’d go in a New York minute
with the right heart and hand
leaving behind all my memories and cares the deepest blue seas and
midnight walks in the sand

Over and over again
I lean toward the sun
over and over again
I wait for no one
but I’d follow the right heart
and hold the right hand

They say there are mountains that kiss the sky and valleys so deep they would make a gentle soul cry
for one last glimpse of what’s on the other side
but I’ve never left the city because the country seems to real and there is nothing in my life that could ever steal this moment of well earned pride

When over and over again
I reach that lovely high
over and over again
I’d look toward the bluest of sky
I’d take a leap of faith
following the right heart
and holding onto the right hand…

© 2016 Trilby

Never Felt A Sunrise

Notes float
cool blues
steal guitar slide
old love song
the line rolls
something like this
or that
doesn’t matter much
if you get my point
and I know you do…

“…I never saw a sunset until I met you babe…”

and so the story goes
from one
seductive phrase
to another
leaving much
to a tired imagination
and I’ll wonder for a lifetime
what’s hidden behind
that perfect smile
when the music between us flows
another line rolls

“…never felt a sunrise until I met you babe…”

© 2016 Trilby Yates

Hudson Line Blows

So we go out to this bar
Saturday night sure thing
Down on the west side
Of the infamous Hudson River
Blonde bombshell with crew
and dark haired mystery woman
Tapan Zee to the north
GWB to the south
Across the river a whistle
On the Hudson Line blows smoke
While flying by everyone waves
As if they are floating on liquid gold
And I’m feeling lost
In my old haunting ground
Like I’ve never been here before
A stranger in familiar surroundings
Out of my comfort zone 
Out of my element
A fish out of water
Square peg 
…in a round hole
And it’s not a far stretch
Of the imagination
Culture shock and reminiscing
Don’t always go hand in hand
Sipping wine through a straw
Cheap fragrant masculine cologne
Fills the air loud bass beat roll
Burns my senses to the core
Vinny and Frankie commonality
Thick in the middle as age creeps up
– but no one seems to notices
By the time last call fades
Off into the mist
I don’t know where I belong any more
Stepping out on all sides
Everything feels heavy handed
Tossing snake eyes coming up double
Maybe it’s a fine time
To play the hand that has been dealt
And fade off into the horizon
On a fast sailing vessel
…Hells Gate with out warning

© 2015 TrilbyYates

My Brother

Your father is not mine
My mother is yours
We grew up in the same house
Your eyes are blue
Mine brown
We shared the same dreams
and nightmares
You carried yours
As a concealed weapon
Mine on my sleeve
A rebel flag
fully exposed
You ran with the wind at your back
chasing the demons away
I sailed with the wind in my face
as if being chased by the demons
You moved west
out of your comfort zone
I moved back east
where I felt at home
We both left the past behind
Never looking back
but never letting go
…I think of you often my brother
© 2015 TrilbyYates