Over And Over Again

Sometimes it’s a word or a subtle glance that sends the energies flying in search for another chance of what could be or left behind when the wind shifts and the spirits chime…

Over and over again
we play
over and over again
we pray
to feel the right heart
and hold the right hand

Fargo North Dakota not a place I’ve ever been, I’d go in a New York minute
with the right heart and hand
leaving behind all my memories and cares the deepest blue seas and
midnight walks in the sand

Over and over again
I lean toward the sun
over and over again
I wait for no one
but I’d follow the right heart
and hold the right hand

They say there are mountains that kiss the sky and valleys so deep they would make a gentle soul cry
for one last glimpse of what’s on the other side
but I’ve never left the city because the country seems to real and there is nothing in my life that could ever steal this moment of well earned pride

When over and over again
I reach that lovely high
over and over again
I’d look toward the bluest of sky
I’d take a leap of faith
following the right heart
and holding onto the right hand…

© 2016 Trilby