Early morning sun hasn't risen yet a feel of peace rushes over me the sound of you breathing; deep sleep your hand resting in the small of my back tears well up in the name of newly discovered love my heart has recovered from loss and betrayal there is an aura of thankfulness and wonder …

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Beautiful Reverie

It is so incredibly simple utterly magical the scent of lavender when the stars and moon align and the wind blows from the east fair winds and following seas carrying fairy dust and baby's breath resting peacefully on linen pillows satisfied body resting in a dreamland of such beautiful reverie, love ©2021 TrilbyYates


Early morning sunlight shines through lace curtains Casting delicate intricate patterns Over my quilted four poster feather bed That gently cradles this dreamer’s wrestling heart Creating elaborate tales where love lasts forever Kisses are deep with passion Fingers entwined engulfing more Than the hand of a lover But the soul of a life mate When …

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