What Did You See?

Evening falls, surround sound lull
with the slightest hiss and rattle
Background ambience for the weak;
the feeble and absent minded
The full wolf moon is on the rise
A soothing vibe transports me
into a trance-like lovely sleep
Somewhere in the upper level;
reminiscent of a sky in a da Vinci painting
Glorious and holy with a twist of perversion
at the mere thought of such human beauty
Within the solitude and solitary sections
of an ambivalent dream state
A voice begins without intro;
just a light touch finger tip to my heart
A gentle poke, a wake up call of sorts
Peacefully aware of questions posed,
not so much as inquisitive
But more a sorting out, clarity;
a twist of the lens – focus
“What did you see?” – a boy
“What did you want to see?” – a man
Within the softness of the moment
all the answers lie hopelessly
in utter disarray – the pulse slows
A dull roar as air and water collide;
each day, every minute that passes
Time is a drift, an emotional shift
Floating, bouncing from day to night
The full wolf moon is on the rise

“Wolf is a symbol of guardianship, ritual,
loyalty, and spirit. Wolf has the ability
to make quick and firm emotional attachments,
and often need to trust their own instincts.
Thus they teach us to do the same,
to trust our hearts and minds,
and have control over our own lives.” PS

©2021 TrilbyYates