Love Chanting

Summer sunshort circuitcuts directlyfrom my brainto my hearteyes closeand I can see...a clear path  - to you Each raythat shootsacross the bowof thismagnificent vesselmind and spiritcarrying with ita message...of love - to you Chanting with the tidefull moon is on the rise Goddess of LoveGoddess of Light © 2022 TrilbyYates All rights Reserved

Summer Love

Imagine stepping outside; early enough to witnessthe sun just about to rise, throwing streaks of goldslowly opening the screen door, old wood frame hearing sounds; sounds of the largest formation on the planet, uninterrupted with its intentions, motivations and natural ability of simply being a silhouette of sand and sea; birds fly overhead seashells scattered …

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Heat Wave

Steamy sweltering take a deep breath air is thick and warm... Summer sun cloaked in a haze shades of pale blue feathered sky wispy clouds wrap around finger tips gentle hands dripping in the scent of coconut oil Floating carefree muffled sounds a mellow song serenade carried within a slight breeze while dancing in the …

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