Beach Walk Mid July

Cold winter days
circle around
in a flurry
snowflakes fall gently
solitude in daydreams
and sweet whispered words
make me blush
at the thought
of what could be
if only to let go…
I wonder if
we are a good fit
or if when time tells
its tall tale
an unedited version of truth –
self indulgent melancholy
if the reflection
that bounces back
isn’t what we suppose
best to leave
the stories behind
like an old song
such a sweet serenade
taps ever so lightly
angst is at the core of my insecurities
reaching into my heart
with one finger on the pulse
of all that keeps the beat
of complete surrender
to a new time
and new space
when all the potential
that I hold dear
can be realized
and shine ever so brightly
with the comfort
of a beach walk
in mid July

© 2016 Trilby