Steadfast and True Blues

5 AM light flashes
cell phone buzz
just a reminder
there is a new day
a’ dawning
steadfast and true
and I can admit
there have been times
when the thought
was like the sound
of fingernails
to a chalkboard
dread shoots
between a fine line
up or down
depending on which way
the adrenaline flows
and just when I’m comfortable
in my own skin again
the calendar turns
the page and
staring me square
is another anniversary
of this or that
whatever keeps the heart
cemented in the past
and though I struggle
to set myself free
there is a warped
sense of comfort
in the familiar
the known
the well worn shirt
you left behind
wrapped around me
arms of yesterday
or knowing each riff
beat and break
like a deep breath
to a favorite love song
12 bars of sheer delight
steadfast and true
here in the calm
a slight haze
of sunlight
not completely
shinning through
hot cup of java
with a touch of honey
like a bee sting to my heart
I wonder if Jesus
would have jumped the track
to take back his last trip
to the garden
shifting fate to sheer coincidence
and while skipping stones
at your grave
bides the time
it’s not quite the same
spinning yarns
like spinning a tale
a web of better times
and poetic promise
stead fast and true…
© 2016 TrilbyYates

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