We are not a business deal
We are not a property to purchase – or to steal
We are a tapestry of magnificent color
Texture, pattern, ebb and flow
Music high, music low
We are not a bottom line
Deals made, deals signed
We are individuals
Uniquely defined
All related via one bloodline…

©2017 TrilbyYates


Twinkling Lights

Warm cup of coffee
hands wrapped
tightly around
over sized thermos
skim latte
with a dash
of cinnamon
comfort zone
no way home
thoughts interrupt
warm and reminiscent
shooting shiver
from head to toe
gazing amusement
while black swans glide
ceremoniously atop
the biting cold waters
Saugatuck LIS Atlantic
fed riverbed
elegantly withdrawn
as the world drives by
stone overpass
white blanket holiday snow
wind gust grabs a hold
symbolic flags blow
tide seems mid to high
full moon mesmerizing glow
not a lonely place
sitting in the quiet
of all that is before me
Mother Natures
early morning winter show
pre-dawn blues
shake rattle and roll
remembering songs
that touch deep into the spirit
and truth seeker soothes the soul
blue notes strung together
twinkling lights from long, long ago
…such a long time ago…

© 2016 TrilbyYates

‘ Tis The Season

‘Tis the season for holiday cheer
for some it’s an innate time of dread
some glow from head to toe
count down to that momentous day
when the path of kings and gods alike collided
a child born a story told
carrying more than a few of the die harden
Old Testament New Testament
King James elegant English word stirring
emotion provoking version bible toting
faithful from the depths of Mother Earth
places unknown but alas capturing
the hearts and imaginations
generation after generation
war after war
century after century
blood shed…
countless numbers cherish and pray
to whom they have tenderly named
God Jehovah Yahweh
as their anointed and holy one ~
…yet the battle
still rages on and on
who are those chosen few
that will eventually rise above
the rest with wings of gold
and harps strum by feathered wings
of baby angels
we maintain our right to walk the path
of the glorious with the burden of
a self proclaimed hierarchy
…attempting to listen
comprehend without a judgmental
mindset weapon held tightly in hand
I continue to wonder in amazement
how one maintains sustains
faith unquestionably…

Holiday festive gatherings with family and friends Christmas tree and candle light twinkle red blue yellow the smell of evergreen and spice such a magical sight snow flakes if we are fortunate will fall from the sky setting the tone blanketing the world in white symbolic of peace and hope as we wait for the events once again to occur on this the most holy of nights…

© 2016 TrilbyYates

Light In The Dark

(from Windows Of The World 2001, by T. Yates) Complete Piece

Heart aches uncontrollably

Feeling numb and very lost

So much of what we knew is in rubble

People pass by with hollow eyes –

They shudder too often without warning

I flinch and hold my breath when an airplane fly’s overhead

Sirens scream recreating that terrifying moment –

Flashbacks and denial walk hand in hand as if familiar lovers

How do we get beyond such a monumental tear?

The sound of an intentional ripping is heard in every corner of this city

Where is the light in the darkness; a beacon in the night?

We always played in the shadows – light and dark, our comrades

Now we have nothing to depend on, except the uncertainty

To my left is a firehouse

My eyes overflow

I can’t hide my sadness

Candles flicker in the evening’s light

Illuminating the stars and stripes

Our brothers, our sisters – their pictures

Images of those gone, while others remain

Leaving powerful love notes taped to windows

Begging God, their God to be kinder next time around

A priest passed by me

With the arms of the firefighters

Carrying his broken body to an alter

His head falls, amazingly peaceful

His face gentle and calm

A hallow of dust floated around his head

Like a sorrowful crown

His Rosary beads still in hand

Angel’s wings in full flutter

Guiding God’s soldier – taking him home

A few months later…

Some of the babies have been born

Bitter sweet rejoicing is felt around the world

Cries of the innocent are heard as they take their first breath

The child cries in all of us as it did when the band stopped

Playing our favorite songs in 1993 – a warning of what was yet to come

The songs repeat and fade in our minds – twirl and dance

In our desperation we instinctively and frantically

Reach out to hold the tune close

As it slips away again in 2001

Our hands linger in mid air for endless moments

Questioning, continually questioning…

It’s our dance

Our two-step

The footings never change –

The light in the dark will lead the way

We will faithfully follow

The blind leading the blind

We will listen as the mute speak for the deaf

The lame take their first steps

Our eyes could have been shut

Words never spoken

Our cries never heard

Instead we crawled on our bellies

Out from under the rubble…

We carried each other

We helped one another

We stood in a choking cloud of destruction

And walked up-right to meet the darkness

Face to unknown face

Walking in the direction of a beaming light

A beacon in the mist

Of our own clouded memories

Instantly became clear

As if God, a God had reached out

And sent all of us the same map –

Directions to a brighter future

All accepting unconditionally without question

The sheep being led to greener pastures

We walk with our hearts pinned to our sleeve

And share a battered sense of unity…

Trilby Yates, September 2001

© 2002 TrilbyYates

Cave Of Darkness

Puzzled by your lacking  –
“…my view from high above
any empirical consequence
and my simple perception..”
– of integrity
Your eyes grow wide
With a glimmer of delight
As if you have just received
A gift
An award
Crowned King
Shock value is short lived
And I question myself more now
…not just your inability
To answer a question in a straight line
Falling short on creativity
Or forming full cohesive sentences
With fact
Fiction with a flair
Bending the truth
Pliable words and meanings
Stretching what is
And what is not
Some things are black and white
Grey is the new black
An excuse
A sounding board to elaborate
One sided dialogue
Playing out in your mind
A one man show
Standing ovation
…A fair and reasonable warning
If you refer to me by –
My gender, race, ethnicity, faith or faithlessness
Old school slang descriptive expression
Rather than by
My given name
The walls will go up
My ego will depart
Common sense, gut reaction
And instinct will take over
I will say it again and again
– Knowledge is a tool not a weapon –
…and it is powerful
Never wasted even on those
With a closed mind
Eyes shut to all that can
Only be translated or absorbed
Via human reaction or response
Using a physical description
As a weapon…
A flair for words
– the color of ones skin
– the size of a woman’s breasts
– or ass…
If you choose
To take that path
“… and I believe it is a choice…”
Your life experience
…most likely
Will remain shallow
And you will sadly
Continue to dwell in a cave of darkness ~

© 2016 TrilbyYates

Holy Resemblance

Slight of hand with a side twist of fate
smoke and mirrors up in a puff vaporize
shifting grey eyes
grab a hold of what is near and dear
only one that gets out alive
is the Svengali in us all
with hands thrust deeply
in the back pocket of our neighbors
while holding a knife to the jugular
serial killers our partners in crime
sitting at the head of the table
cloth napkin falls to the floor
glances shoot subtle wish
never more never more
you lose either way willing
or unable
glass ceilings crack
at the thought of redemption
and there is a lack
of satisfaction when only a few
have the formula to what’s what
and how to get off without leaving a trace
and I look to your perfection
without question or concern
without biblical connection
like a wide eyed wonder child
from the hippie-drone era
non committal paradox
trapped in the four corners
of our flawless microcosm
cardboard latch key box
tipping the scales of justice
we look out with an air of superiority
our society’s majority is made up of a minority
that requires everyone else
turn the other cheek and trust us
as if we are the keepers of this world
pretending that the other side of the moon
bears witness to none
to all that we have to hide
all that we have done
behind closed doors shades drawn
you recall the sense of being
nothing less than a saboteurs pawn
an impossibility if one believes solely
in a greater power grand source
creator of all that is holy
left handed gun raised firing the final shot
…resembling all that we are not

© 2016 TrilbyYates


Darkest of the night
when spoken simple words
…my love the light
lands perfectly
You have the face of an angel
Saving grace
and all that we were taught
in stained glass cathedrals
Ceilings reaching out
grabbing hold of the heavens
with windows that bleed
Holiest of waters pouring
onto the faithless
Color soothes the soul
for sinners and not
Bead readers in silent prayer
words strung together
signs of the Cross
we have yet to bear
The son, his, or her name
guiding the way
bring us to our knees
Thankful for what we have
finally found
and now as walls
crumble around me
piece by tiny piece
My life is quietly dismantled
and only those that watch
from high above
can bring it all to an end
While waiting has never
been a virtue
I ponder and question
I wait and wonder
– counting the stars
– waiting for a peaceful
slumber…that does not come…waiting…

© 2016 Trilby


So yes, I have hit the wall
– many times
I’ve reached down
in the darkness and found
the bottom was still
another 100 feet below me
and all I can say
with a hint of ambivalence
“…man what a trip, what a journey…” 

And all the introspective chatter
and cliches passing thru the test of time
held with the highest regard phrases
don’t hold an ounce of truth
when the light at the end of the tunnel
is a taunting echo of yourself

Self help mumbo jumbo
new age movement
authors and prophets of old
who keep their secrets
closely protected
within their well guarded heart
while all along holding the key
to their own mysteries
…yet to be solved

And the passions rise
when a nerve is struck
over and over again
their truth is well earned
from their own rock bottom
bouncing realizations
when a light bulb moment
goes off the crowd kneels
and we all know it is
just another oxymoron
but enlightens those in the dark
without question none the less

Once again I am
in a free fall
seeing a lot of familiar faces
along the way
– and yet
there is still no comfort
in the masses
and self pity is as destructive
as falling on your own
proverbial sword
– it’s all a ploy
a way to make sense
of the inevitable
to maintain the purity of faith
in the smile of excellence
on your face
that it is sincere
and not a reflection
of one foot already planted
firmly in the ground of fear

And that’s not for me
I’m just saying man
that is not my way out
my ashes will blow
across the wide open sea
that sweet spot
where land never
reaches the eye
– carried by angels
and when the time is right
they will kiss me off
into the wind I’ll float
high above what was
once my reality

And in the distance
a comforting voice
will be heard
whispers of welcome
and a warm hand
will reach out and touch
that one remaining particle
the ultimate human being
…death needs no introduction

© 2016 TrilbyYates

Walking On Shallow Water

Walking on shallow water
Out in a deep blue sea
Sweeping transparent views
Earth and all its brilliance
A distant shining light
For the lost and lonely
Draped in silk spun cloth
Spun the way tales are
Carefully weaved
Tight intricate knots
The High and Mighty
Swirling poignant scent
Of blessed incense
Permeating the air
Crown of Thorns
Pressing down
While judgement bleeds
Dripping from generation
To generation with no reprieve
Rosary beads in hand
Finger tips holding tight
Sensory perception
Pathway to Heaven
Rosary beads dangle religiously
Sway gently around my neck
Choke back the tears
Choke back the words
Don’t speak of doubt
Don’t ever question
All that I once believed
Words that I can recite
With eyes closed
Head bowed down
Drifting off peacefully
A holier than thou – sleep
…Ave Maria, gratia plena, Dominus tecum
Where were you Mary
When I needed you
A motherless child
Faith in the abstract
Faith in the disbelief
That all is not lost
Or forever forgotten
Walking on shallow water
Draped in silk spun cloth
All in the name
Of the abstract
Faith in the disbelief
That all is not lost
Or forever forgotten

As I drift further
and further out to sea
repeating over and over
… Ave Marie, gratia plena, Dominus tecum
Ave Marie, gratia plena, Dominus tecum

© 2015 TrilbyYates