Sagittarius A

Candles burn casting shadowsa light in the dark faith and doubt procrastinatedancers of the night vacillateordained by the devout ...and the naysayers incense lingers - aromatherapycomforting the senses stained glass bleeds detailed images three wise men a virgin a whore a boy child held high aboveheavenly clouds and baby angelswe pray in silenceScientific chatter - …

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We are not a business deal We are not a property to purchase - or to steal We are a tapestry of magnificent color Texture, pattern, ebb and flow Music high, music low We are not a bottom line Deals made, deals signed We are individuals Uniquely defined All related via one bloodline... ©2017 TrilbyYates

Twinkling Lights

Warm cup of coffee hands wrapped tightly around over sized thermos skim latte with a dash of cinnamon comfort zone no way home thoughts interrupt warm and reminiscent shooting shiver from head to toe gazing amusement while black swans glide ceremoniously atop the biting cold waters Saugatuck LIS Atlantic fed riverbed elegantly withdrawn as the …

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