Slightly Off Key

How well you thought
you knew me;
not so long ago
when I walked
the rocky coast
late at night –
New England rag tag shore line
But, it was in my darkest hours
that you seemed to fade away…
An ambiguous image
blurred and out of view
Like two proverbial battle weary ships,
in the light of a new day
pass and collide unacknowledged;
there is so much I have left to say…
Such an utter shame to be left adrift
in a turbulent lonely sea,
when the heart has been
tenderly rescued and repaired
our love song remains on a repetitive replay
uninterrupted yet slightly off key…
And yes, sometimes I ponder
what I truly meant to you;
and more often then not,
what you truly meant to me – or what we could ever do
in peaceful revery
It was never a matter of pride or ego
as time moves forward for us all –
the continuous ticking of our mortal clock
there are moments that move too fast
and some moments move too slow..

While I reluctantly examined the past,
fearful of what I would find
fearful of what I may not
and willingly unable to let it all go…

Uninterrupted, yet slightly off key
not knowing what I meant to you
…knowing what you ultimately meant to me…

© 2014 TrilbyYates

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