The Wind Will Always Blow

Seems like only yesterday
the sky was a turquoise shade of blue
babies breath and fall surrounded us.
We raised our children together
coffee clutch at the local diner;
Mom’s on a break…
the gift of gab and so much more
the wind was blowing strong

As love was falling from our grasp
husbands and lovers from the past
secrets we shared with a sympathetic ear
A vow of forever not to be broken
a drop of crimson blood
finger prick unconditional love
we became sisters

Life shifts, an old friend to me
a welcomed stranger to you
Yet our path was the same
always searching for love
acceptance, value and a warm hand –
– to hold in the darkest night –

The wind always blows…

I remember the first time I saw you
energy high made my head spin
We were both in a turbulent place back then
Very different on the surface
but skin deep – so much the same
You and I had more in common
than one could have ever imagined…

The wounded child will always finds a playmate
it can trust – and we did

…the wind continues to blow my friend…

There were days when the bond made us cry
painful moments that could not be broken
understanding words can always be spoken
and a tale told with sincerity
But, it was in those quiet moments;
the silence, the tears, holding each other
in times of desperation, need, pain…
some things lost and some things gained
Our sense of loss was never taken for granted;
and only thing we knew for certain
…the wind always blows

So I taught you how to sail
on a stormy night when we thought a new day
would never come
rocking you to sleep
on a sea of tranquility
Newport waves a fond farewell little one…

You were more outwardly flamboyant
and dyed your hair a rebellious red
I was always deep in thought,
searching for the words
pen to paper, demons to be fought

And we danced in the rain together
when no one else would
wanted to or could
Holding hands skipping to a random beat;
laughing, throwing our heads back
never losing faith or losing track – of where we needed to be
catching raindrops on our tongues
Life seemed good and the consequences
we could not foresee

We didn’t know what our futures would hold
the twists and turns that would unfold
and never anticipating that you would leave before me;
like your father I was closer to a path
of checking out unnaturally…
You fought for every moment as if it were gold
and now you are gone…
I remain surrounded by your swan song

Looking at old photographs, some of our adventures
as the years did pass…time, love laughter
we thought would never come to an end
tears fill my eyes and I hope you know
how much you are loved my dear friend

…and the wind will always blow…

Dedicated to my sister and friend Jennifer Rie Vanderlinden

© 2014 TrilbyYates

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