Someone Is Shouting Jihad

Clear Parisian sky
a sweet night
to live and die
without purpose
or validation of intent
but a twist of fate
walking down
the Champs Elysees
and in my heart
there is a love song
and bright city lights
and what is that
I heard you say
not in a soft whisper
but accusatory verbiage
and solitary sob
someone is shouting Jihad
you have a cause
but you have no home
you hide, linger and roam
and wander in obscurity
blanketed chatter code
distant and detached
from the pulse
of the universe
you were born
to cherish and to hold
loyal to a higher source
fantasy wild illusion
of what may be waiting
for your brothers
on the other side
there is no solution
there is no pride
stained in blood and flesh
your stairway to heaven
is a fiery inferno
leading not to the purity
of innocent virgins
as you have been told
but as a venomous snake
you will find only darkness
not shadow or light
nor colors bright
but an abyss
of nothingness
we create what we are
someone is shouting Jihad

© 2015 TrilbyYates 

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