The Heart

The dance; slow, seductive willful - a waltzeach time I melted into the grove with ease intuition, twinges of betrayal - dissipatethe way the sun would rise; radiance, hope questa volta sarà diverso...potential, a brighter tomorrow. I close my eyes and move with each step, leaving the past another time - always with anticipationmorning Uber …

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Sentimental Shift 

the air around the soundsweet melody carried away gentle hands, the heart held is an achea memory bend - slant notes played with tender intentthat move the soul...upward emotions rise and feelings flowfrom here to there a reflective tap… fingers slide instinctively across stingsplaying the heart’s song silence in the unspoken perfection is an echo …

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Love Chanting

Summer sunshort circuitcuts directlyfrom my brainto my hearteyes closeand I can see...a clear path  - to you Each raythat shootsacross the bowof thismagnificent vesselmind and spiritcarrying with ita message...of love - to you Chanting with the tidefull moon is on the rise Goddess of LoveGoddess of Light © 2022 TrilbyYates All rights Reserved

Love An Unconditional Free-Fall

There are some things in life We can controlAnger, violence, integrity Maybe even life's passion (although I think that's the nature vs nurture debate) But love...umm don't think so Love comes from a place Beyond the human logical part of us...maybe even a divine or heavenly sourceUnimaginable, extraordinary...magicalEver experience that jolt When you meet someoneIt could …

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