Too much time
has passed
I’ve forgotten
the words
to some of the
best songs
I have ever
And it is
a damn shame
when the lyrics
and rhythm
into the wind
like a fog
or puff
of steamy vapor
A transparent
never really able to grasp at straw sense of loss 
Today feels
more like
a sand storm
than a cold blast
from the arrival
of a premature winter
The wind blows harder
then it used to
Penetrating to the bone
…to the core
A chill reactionary shiver
Head to toe – spinal slip
Or maybe
I’ve just lost
some of my rough
and tumble exterior
My roll
with the punches
My high
and mighty air
Protective gear
upgrade overload
maxed out
vinyl covered
faux leather
side stepping boots
And there are issues
that tare at my heart
Yanking the strings
out of my chest
without any
sense of
or remorse
Out of tune and off beat
Ear bleeding burn
Praying on all fours
in the background
…back alley
…back bar low-brow
Setting my soul ablaze
is a learned art
Each step
is outside the realm
of what could
have been
a natural trait
Or simply nurtured
via circumstance…

© 2014 TrilbyYates