Mojo Kicking In

Slipping off pseudo Dr. Freud’s leather couch
$250 an hour to soothe my fevered brow
– ease a weary torn soul
from thoughts and memories
demons haunting past that push the limits
crowding the 3rd eye
– blind
to a convoluted way of life…
nothing travels in a straight line
moving again and again
as the moon swings around the the earth
such a grandiose plan
– embroidered pillow sham
cushions my fall landing on my knees
– a view you always preferred
looking down from high above
the 69th floor ivory towers crumble
…ashes to ashes
like silk intimates dusting over my body’s curves
temperature rises a tiny drop of sweat slowly descends
a path downward between my breasts
You reach out…
slight of hand, smoke and mirrors
you are a master – of innocence
in its highest art form hot red lights disguise
– dark smooth skin
while guitar mesmerizes with a 13 bar riff
sweet seductive harp blowing upstage
rhythm and blues pulsates a steady beat
that keeps time
an infamous bump and grind
wrapping itself around my body
like a sweltering sexy summer breeze deep sigh – comfort zone
we begin to fly
another song and a shot of VO
there is no time lost when your Mojo is kicking in
questions lingering from the past; sassy blues – idiosyncrasies
and contradictions
good times falling on bad
judgment days and cross roads
someones woman is waiting in the wing
you slip out the back door – Johnny Man…living blues
…it’s all about living the blues

© 2014 TrilbyYates