Comedy Is In The Tragic

A cast of characters parade and dance with delight
Sabotage the plot skewed view of how the story could go
Should go but didn’t…or did it?
Questions from the observer, birds eye view
Critics words strewn about from an avant garde status
Wrapped in the warm glow of stained glass
Yet frigid to an intruders touch
Red, blue, yellow, green sunlight splashes of color
Altering the image, altering the direction
Of the one true artist
Pliable to our own will
– but not with the purity of a creative source
Not with the purity of the creative intention
– more or less a reactionary split
When the casting call went out the Princess and Vagabond stroll
Consideration to one and all – equal opportunity G.O.D. employer
But the villain wears an uncanny disguise
And Beelzebub as we now recognize – The comedy is in the tragic
The comedy is in the things we can’t see
And you won’t marry me because I am you
…and that is against your faith
You can’t touch me because your reflection burns
So you watch and wait…smoldering sizzle
While our child drowns in the vast public view
And no one was watching – do you believe me?
Now and then we cop a plea, we plead the fifth
And hold the Constitution up
Because it can’t stand on its own
To an immoral high standard, higher than this life we cherish
Higher than each breath we take, exhale slowly
It only hurts the first time
This life as we now know it is not for the faint of heart
Made up of a multitude of choices
and of ones own choosing
And if not of your choosing
But because of circumstance or a feedback loop
Remember somehow – it will always bring you home

© 2015 TrilbyYates