Umbrella Of The 2nd Amendment

It all seems very
relevant to only a few
in the moment
perception wrapped
in a bloody cloth
carried around
in a shoulder bag
right side of the cause
and you will weep
for your neighbor
kiss the ground
you stand on
thankful your home
remains in tact
people in glass houses
shouldn’t throw stones
stray bullets with an agenda
manifesto magnifico 
wont change your mind
one dimensional devotee
in the name of all that is divine
father, son, and holy ghost
while Mother Mary works
her magic in disguise
old school way of thinking
solid, stead-fast and free
but when the winds shift
a quick turning of the tide
and you find yourself
kneeling at the feet
of the forgiven
soulful and sanctimonious
your child’s heart pounding
hands trembling
looking deep into
innocent eyes
pupils dilated clear and wide
do you whisper softly
I promise everything will be OK
I promise everything will be fine
we are protected and gun dependent
under the umbrella of the 2nd amendment?

© 2015 TrilbyYates