Fade Away

Waited past midnight for stones tossed on the window pane,
Til the Sand Man made his way and sent me on an alternative journey ~
Mr. Goodbar took my hand leading me to dreams of another kind…
Singing lullabies with fingers crossed and a wink of the eye,

You – reluctantly fade away ~

Early morning light, rays shining through the window’s pane…
They spoke in hushed tones of old and new as if you had been mislaid,
Only I know of your true demise and your favorite hiding place~
Their veracity and rhetoric suffocated you to the core,
With secret ties and swaying lies, clutching hands like deceptive lovers…
Some bonds are never broken, easily…hearts and spirits untamed
We would kiss in filtered shadows, thrilled and wanting more
As the grains of sand unknowingly slipped beneath our feet
Yours and mine, entwined promises – slit of the wrist our blood mingles
Lovers in the night ~
And time is of no value in a world indulged with illusive rants and raves
While outside, looking beyond the golden gates and high walls…I wonder,
Do you remember me…more thought than question posed…
Touching deep, a bullet lodged in the left side of your brain
You were an easy target with an X conveniently marking the spot
“…taking a breath now is like a dagger’s jagged edge…”
“Never cutting clean through…” your whispered words subside
I miss your smile – corners taped with glimmering hope
The naiveté in your eyes is now hazed over and grey
A permanent reality has been fit to an inconsequential mold –
And you no longer really exist…


I – reluctantly fade away~

© 2016 Trilby Yates