Love Along The Way

How could we have ever known what was in our heart
when all along the way we hid behind each others shadows
a child’s game of hide and seek
growing pains leaps and bounds
scatter brained ideas and schemes that seemed so right
…at the time and in the moment

When star crossed lovers held on with the ignorance of faith
and the purity of youth
as if there would never be a tomorrow
and if there was,
if we were granted that next day,
that hands of the clock full circle moment in time;
– would we have held on or let go?

A question never asked
and an answer we will never know

I move reluctantly at times
from thread to bare bones
Yet I have always known
I have had love along the way
At the end of each starry night
and the beginning of each glorious day
I am continually reminded
of how precious each encounter truly is
…taking my breath away

© 2016 TrilbyYates