Weaker Sex

So, so, yeah he looks
me up and down
stop and pause
while all along
attempting to prove a point
A point he doesn’t need
to prove
Unspoken basic law,
basic rule
survival of the fittest
– in his mind
His gaze stops mid way
and it tells me;
– the power of unspoken words
to shut the fuck up 
and sit the fuck down 
in my assigned seat
My assigned place
My assigned station
in this life…
“Female” “woman”
“weaker sex” “inferior species”
…the lowest taxonomic rank, 
and the most basic unit 
or category of biological classification 
He doesn’t bat an eye
or shift his weight
from side to side;
he has the world as he knows it,
by the balls 
With his finger he pokes me
in the chest as if he has
some kind of universal right;
he has an innate level of “know”
Testosterone rises and as his ego soars
I am convinced I’m looking
squarely at a little boy
A moment of pathetic
maternal awe dances up my spine,
but only to be lost in a moment
of complete defiance
A moment of – screw you asshole 
The muscles in my chest begin to tighten
and I can feel the blood pumping
from my heart, racing up my neck
My head pounding, face flushed, teeth clenched…
– with one symbolic step
I take a stand
I own my space
There is a flash of empowerment
I am in an innate level of “know”
I am a feisty heroine who is
more than a pretty face…

© 2016 TrilbyYates