Tag H tight around my wrist black face no numbers only the second hand moving slowly in a continuous circle no stops along the way no pointed direction a loop same pace same tick, tick, tick patterned rhythm great for skipping the speed bumps in the road or taking the long way repetitive motion stoking the flames of anticipation and lacking in a moral compass that would have left the door closed I love you-s no more but between boredom and faith pushing the proverbial envelop of love and life knowing it will come to a beautiful end with Angels and adhesive tape holding it all together from the wear and tear to simply letting go I love you I love you always and forever letting go rag tag visions and who really gives a damn when the tides turn and the winds shift there is more or less drifting off into nothingness or glorious golden gates either or is not a simple choice when choice is no longer an option.

© 2016 TrilbyYates