I Float Alone

Drifting off left, maybe south of the last stop on any given day when all that reaches the deepest moments, the most profound statements or thoughts slip so easily from my grasp and when I let the light in the last bit of anticipation, I float alone

Time shifts and the sand slips from my grasp and I often wonder what it all means and if there was a pre-written script did I miss a chapter or just ignore all the signs as I skip stones across the ocean and wait for a response as I float alone

There was a time when the river crossed the Sound and nothing was left unspoken in the quietness of my mind when my heart wasn’t broken, all the words had meaning and the journey was a clear path, now I stand on the shore line and I float alone

Reaching out is not an option when there is discomfort in the human touch; when it reaches in and grabs ahold of secrets and the forbidden; a vice grip, a sense of distrust and the burden lands in the center of my soul. I walk away and know I float alone…

© 2016 TrilbyYates