I Am Still Here

Your eyes close
peaceful rest
holding your hand
a gentle squeeze
…I’m still here
Sunlight slips
between the cracks
in drawn shades
Patterns of lace
dance on pale
linen colored walls
Shallow breath
I lay my head
on your chest
for confirmation
you whisper
…I’m still here
We fall together
a dream state
a reverie
and sacred space
Fields of lavender
and wild flowers
The wind weaves
and sways
between long
blades of grass
Like a child
fear and foe
and laughter
permeates the air
I turn to you
your eyes
meet mine
…I’m still here
Warmth and energy
smiles forever wide
And off in the distance
your shadow begins
to glisten
and in the quiet
the calm silence
leaning forward
I strain to listen
and as your voice
begins to fade
I can hear you say
I am still here, I am still here…

© 2016 TrilbyYates