Child of the night
sweet innocence
of delight
with your heart
worn out
and faded
Chambray shirt
torn at the sleeve
you can’t
bring yourself
to question the blur
that follows you around
every secret kept
When the time comes
you glide with ease
across the floor
feet never touching
the ground
The slightest trace
of ambivalence
touches your face
while hands from the past
mislead you
gently through a free fall
your silver parachute
never fails
Stray buttons
held tight
for safe keeping
and you smile
nothing lost
nothing gained
while the fat lady sings
all those tunes
out of sync
Time lapse
flip book
skipping a note
here and there
what matters
if you can’t follow
the beat
Your path
or mine
take it to the left
when all else implodes
Sky rockets shatter
and star light beams
to points unknown
and the devil flies
in the face
of who’s who
And truth behold
a suitable playmate
can’t hold a candle
in the wind
without a cautionary tale
I fear for the worst…

1 – the emotion experienced in the presence or threat of danger fear –
Synonyms alarm (also alarum), anxietydreadfearfulnessfrighthorrorpanicscareterrortrepidation

2 – an uneasy state of mind usually over the possibility of an anticipated misfortune or trouble; fear for her family’s safety drove her to seek help from neighbors she hardly knew – Synonyms agitaagitationanxiousnessapprehensionapprehensivenesscareconcernconcernmentdisquietdisquietudefearnervositynervousnessperturbationsolicitudesweatuneaseuneasinessworry

Antonyms unconcern

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