Second Wind Next Life

Ten second spin off
you still can’t
recall my name
and if I blink
would fade away
only the scent
of yesterday remains
you don’t
hold a candle
to him
my Angel in the night
Blue Moon Belgian style
wheat ale
is a cheap and much welcomed
words from a stranger
send a chill
like a sharp shooter
your aim
was off
missing your target
without intention
or thought
too much pressure
on where we are
where we have been
self help groups
are the fall guy
for winners in disguise
walking away
with much more than pride
ego can mask
only so much
when life throws
a curve ball
sliding home
is not an option
when that safe haven
slipped away
years ago
I still wonder
what road
I would have traveled
if I hadn’t been on the run
grabbing this and that
along the way
carpetbagger by trade
inherent scene of survival
never giving up the ghost
hanging on for dear life
and praying
for a quick release

Darling I’ll see you at the cross roads….second wind, next life…

© 2016 Trilby