Life Line Snap

I am a one liner
oblivious daydreamer
fantasy shaker
one foot in front of the other stumbling block
self proclaimed prophet to the faithless
magnificent enemy of a higher order
I am identifiable
puff of vaporized humanity
sexuality twist
gender bender
fraudulent soul seeker
status disclaimer
lacking moral compass deformity
stolen innocence imposter
race confused
bouncing reflector
Black, White, Yellow, Red
once in a life time off beat charlatan
I walk, talk and live the consequence
broken chain torn bleeding heart
surrender to none
open book closed and shamed
baffled by my own confusion
eyes wise lessons yet to learn
crimson lips sink stolen ships
white knuckling way of life
blood soaked delusional story teller
love lacking compartmentalized wanderer
truth seeking denier
all is not lost when all is not found

…life line snap

© 2016 TrilbyYates