Cave Of Darkness

Puzzled by your lacking  –
“…my view from high above
any empirical consequence
and my simple perception..”
– of integrity
Your eyes grow wide
With a glimmer of delight
As if you have just received
A gift
An award
Crowned King
Shock value is short lived
And I question myself more now
…not just your inability
To answer a question in a straight line
Falling short on creativity
Or forming full cohesive sentences
With fact
Fiction with a flair
Bending the truth
Pliable words and meanings
Stretching what is
And what is not
Some things are black and white
Grey is the new black
An excuse
A sounding board to elaborate
One sided dialogue
Playing out in your mind
A one man show
Standing ovation
…A fair and reasonable warning
If you refer to me by –
My gender, race, ethnicity, faith or faithlessness
Old school slang descriptive expression
Rather than by
My given name
The walls will go up
My ego will depart
Common sense, gut reaction
And instinct will take over
I will say it again and again
– Knowledge is a tool not a weapon –
…and it is powerful
Never wasted even on those
With a closed mind
Eyes shut to all that can
Only be translated or absorbed
Via human reaction or response
Using a physical description
As a weapon…
A flair for words
– the color of ones skin
– the size of a woman’s breasts
– or ass…
If you choose
To take that path
“… and I believe it is a choice…”
Your life experience
…most likely
Will remain shallow
And you will sadly
Continue to dwell in a cave of darkness ~

© 2016 TrilbyYates