Leap Of Faith

Odd the way people
come and go
floating in and out
of my life
and as the wind blows
it’s just another reminder
how walking from here
to there
can more often then not
lead to somewhere
and it’s been years
since I’ve felt
the flutter of angel wings
against my brow
or the holier than thou
touch on my shoulder
reminding me
I’m not really alone
and I have to say
if I were to write another book
disconnect the edit button
my characters could
make a grown man blush
not that I’m some femme fatale
but I’ve had my share
of wanting to fade away
into the harsh light
of the morning after
disappearing into the wallpaper
flip the switch from night to day
no looking back
always on a fast track
one shoe on
the other left behind
stumble jumping
wishful thinking
Freudian slip
least of my worries
a slow stroll
to the very edge
fingers grip
and I take that leap of faith
time and time again
like a cat with nine lives
always landing on my feet
a bit battered and bruised
but never giving up the ship
a life lesson I’ve learned very well…

© 2016 TrilbyYates